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Brendan’s Japan trip

From June 20th - July 10th I will be backpacking through Japan once again and hopefully will be seeing and doing things I have never done before. I will be hitting a lot of World Heritage Sites this time around and climbing Mt. Fuji again. 

My next post will be the itinerary of the trip and things I will be doing in said places. 

Stay tuned!

- Brendan

Annetta and Hunter Engagement

My first engagement shoot while moving to Missouri. I had the pleasure of working with these two lovebirds. Initially we were going to link up in Springfield, Missouri but I noticed that the St. Louis Lantern festival was happening the same day! I made a quick recommendation to Annetta and she agreed! It was all of our first Lantern Festival and I think the results speak for themselves. 

We started off at Forest Park and you can see the fall colors in full bloom! it was absolutely beautiful. We caught the sunset and quickly had to book it over to the lantern festival and made it with 10minutes to spare. My photography skills were put to the test simply because of the speed at which the lanterns were floating away. to the normal person it probably went slow but to me…. there was not a whole lot of time to prepare and capture the lanterns as they floated above. 

In the end I got the shots I wanted and I recommend anyone to go to a lantern festival

Let me know what you think!

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