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I have been lucky enough to Intern for a great organization that is trying to bring awareness to heritage and culture to the 21st century. Today many people shy away from change and culture different than their own.


We are all proud of our own culture and where we came from, but I think that by learning about others culture you yourself can in turn pass on a little bit of your culture. 

I get it, history and learning can be boring. This initiative is trying to get out of that stigma and show that you can #MakeHeritageFun 

Challenge yourself and submit pictures of your heritage, culture and adventures you go on and show people not to be afraid of exploration.

Boldly Go!

What is GoUNESCO

Promoting UNESCO heritage sites through online and offline initiatives focused on making heritage fun.

Through global projects such as online travel challenges, student programs, heritage runs and social media campaigns.

GoUNESCO is providing avenues for thousands of people to engage with heritage in fresh and unique ways.

The websites promote offline activities such as travel challenges for all people across the world, GoUNESCO Campus Ambassador program for students 


Group of people attract attention. And groups of people acting together can attract even more attention (think trending hashtags). The prime goal of a "Make Heritage Fun!" event is to draw attention to heritage by creating both online buzz and offline conversations. The events are intended to bring together people interested in heritage and start these conversations.

Future Desired Locations in the United States

Go Heritage Runs launched in 2014 are a series of fun runs held at heritage sites all across India with the desire to bringing Go Heritage Runs around the globe. 

The run routes are always designed to ensure that participants traverse sites of historical significance; various aspects of arts, crafts, culture and heritage from the destination are weaved into the runner’s experience to provide a holistic experience to the runners.

 The runs also promote tourism as most runners are non-local and come from all over the world. 

By bringing runners to a destination and working with local artisans and businesses to design and execute finisher medals and other collaterals, each run has a significant impact on local tourism and economy

Let us know if you want more information

I want to bring awareness to the world about GoUNESCO and its desire to help bring awareness to the world and make heritage fun. 

We at Adventure Theory are located in the United States and as Interns for GoUNESCO, always trying to bring more talent to the table. Let us know if you have any questions regarding a #MakeHeritageFun event or want to help us organize a Go Heritage Run!

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