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Mitchell Phelps

Waynesville, Missouri

Hey, I'm Mitch Phelps. I consider myself an avid explorer and I strive to experience the the best world has to offer. I am a self-taught photographer that challenge you to go out there and make a difference for a better planet. I believe it is all our duty to go out and protect the unique wonders of the world and celebrate the heritage and diversity of the vast cultures around it. Thank you again for looking us up and appreciate the support for all our hard work. We are always striving to take a better picture then the day before.

...To Boldly Go

Brendan Phelps

Tampa, Florida

Hello! Thank you for checking out our photography! My name is Brendan Phelps and I have been taking pictures since 2012. My photographic journey started when my mom gave me a point and shoot camera for Christmas a year prior. It started mainly as a hobby but as the years passed, I took the art form more seriously. My brother and I started traveling more and figured we needed good equipment to document the adventures. We never thought our pictures would get the reactions which inspired us to start a brand and here we are today. Thank you again for your support!

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